How to finance Circular Economy? The Circularity Contribution Check for current projects

How to finance Circular Economy? The Circularity Contribution Check for current projects

We know that switching to closed-loop value creation is not an easy step. One tool for this is a workshop with the Circular Economy Toolkit – this helps to find innovative solutions to meet customer needs with new ways. Implementing these takes time – but where do I get the financing for this?

A first step can be to check the current project landscape. How much do the projects contribute to becoming more circular? Or do they still build on the continuation of linear business and are thus ultimately geared to linear value destruction? Does it make sense to take this further?

How much circularity is already in the projects?

Because if you stop individual projects for which budgets have already been released, you can use this to finance your circular economy ideas. We have developed a Circularity Contribution Check that allows you to evaluate current and planned projects in this direction. Either individually, for individual areas or the complete portfolio. As an evaluation, you will receive an overview of possible adjustments to your current projects. We do not only look at how the projects already contribute to the circularity or what the effort of changes is in order to better ensure this. We also look at the impact on the current operational business. Because the projects were started because there was a valid business case.

Our experience is that many companies are not aware of the fact that they are already on the way to circular value creation. And usually only a few adjustments and adjustments to existing projects are necessary to be better equipped for the future. If projects are stopped that no longer serve their purpose, this also sends a clear message to employees that they are serious about the transition to circular economy. This stimulates thinking and creativity, because everyone can contribute to taking the right steps in the company.

Find your potential and contribution

If you believe there is financing potential from your current projects, we will be happy to check this out for you. Please contact us directly with the subject “Circularity Contribution Check”.