Circular Economy Enabling

We use the working methods of sustainable project management to bring the circular economy to life. We cannot accept waste – neither of working time and talent nor of materials we take from nature. That’s why we use our Circular Economy approach to find solutions for our customers that meet user needs in the most efficient and effective way.

Essentially, our services are based on 3 pillars – depending on the maturity level of the customer with regard to Circular Economy, we get involved in the way that makes the most sense for your company.

1. Recognize potentials

We identify potential benefits for the future viability of the company and the needs of the customers.

We start by identifying the needs of the users and determine innovative possibilities with interdisciplinary teams.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) serve us as a guideline for the achievement of your goals.

  • Analysis of the circularity capability
  • Identification of potentials and business models
  • Workshops and Design Thinking approaches to idea development
  • Integration into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and approaches of the Economy for the Common Good

2. Identify projects

Compiling the portfolio of measures and setting up effective projects in the right way.

What are the business cases for your ideas? Which ones can be implemented directly, which ones build on each other?

Together we develop a portfolio of measures, prioritize and set up the projects that best support your goals.

  • Design of portfolios and programs for the implementation of Circular Economy
  • Trainings for the optimal implementation of projects
  • Setup and planning workshops for projects
  • Develop business cases

3. Sustainable implementation

Implement change projects for the circular economy with sustainable success.

We believe that projects only deliver sustainable benefits if they are developed together with the employees.

We work agile to proceed consistently, not to forget anyone, and to ensure that the projects are completed and transferred into the daily business. We make your project team successful and strong in action.

  • Agile project management for fast learnings and early success
  • Change management and communication for circular economy projects
  • Support for decision-makers and portfolio management
  • Coaching and mentoring for implementation projects
  • Project management/PMO for implementation projects

Concrete support for sustainability projects

We explicitly support projects and companies which want to work according to the Economy for the Common Good principles.

Qualified projects receive a 2-hour check on the basic success factors of the project. The best ideas receive additional coaching support.