Empowering people

In order to implement changes in a sustainable way, people are needed who make this possible and support it. Because people whose concerns match the concerns of the company are motivated and work with commitment.

Project management is “people management” – this is often forgotten when it comes to methods and techniques. In our trainings, coachings and workshops, people are at the centre of attention. For us, this means ensuring a basic understanding:

• We can
• We may
• We want
• We’re supposed

If these 4 points are fulfilled and the request is considered reasonable, you have created the best conditions for sustainable success.

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The focus of proSense Consulting is on training for circular economy and project management – in German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Possible general project management training, as well as the method and certification training, are described below. Which success factors ensure that your training brings real benefits can be found here:


Trainings often provide a good overview and a common basic understanding of all participants. In workshops we arrive at concrete results that are supported by all participants. Either for the development of structures and processes, or specifically for implementation within a project. At all levels – from senior management, who have to carry and be responsible for the structures, to the project team members, who want to gain an understanding of their involvement in the projects.


The coaching approach of proSense Consulting is based on 2 basic assumptions:
• The best and most sustainable solutions for us are those the coachee´s developed themselves.
• We can best accompany the process when we coach to situations for which we have a basic understanding.