InnoDays – Online Hackathon for innovative ideas

At the InnoDays, as at other hackathons, it is all about getting from an idea to a prototype in 48 hours. Companies bring their challenges and receive fresh solutions from teams of students and young innovators. Last year I was in Vienna when it was about Circular Economy. This year was the first online event in the USA, Asia and Europe about micromobility and social equity.

Workshop on the Circular Economy Toolkit with Design Austria

On Wednesday we held the workshop for the Circular Economy Club for the second time, this time together with the Experts Cluster Sustainable Design of Design Austria. And the mix of the group of designers, people from industry and NGOs, service providers and consultants brought many exciting insights. The aim was not only to learn about best practices, but also to deal with the various fields of circularity for concrete challenges and to discover possibilities for rethinking.