Coaching and mentoring

The coaching approach of proSense Consulting is based on 2 key assumptions:

  • The best and most sustainable solutions for us (and for each of our coachees/mentees) are those they have developed themselves.
  • We can best accompany the process when we coach to situations for which we have a basic understanding.

Therefore, we focus on coaching in the project management environment and in the sector of sustainability and Circular Economy.


This starts in the strategic decision to evaluate sustainability approaches and to define which projects to carry out. It includes all aspects within the scope of project work, being a project manager or part of the project team.

The approach of Systemic Coaching runs through all aspects of coaching and is used specifically for issues that are more on a strategic level or focus on the personal issues of the people in the project.

At the beginning of each coaching session we determine together which approach is best suited to your needs. And we are always flexible to include upcoming topics. We don’t see coaching as a permanent task, but rather to specifically address the coachee’s current issues and solve them in a few sessions.