Our Philosophy

We want to make the world a better place for all people.

A big goal, for which it takes not only visions, but also many heads and hands to realize it. We are available as sparring partner, inspirer and implementation partner to all those who see chances for their own company and are looking for the best way.

We are committed to the values of the common good economy (ecological sustainability, solidarity and justice, transparency and co-determination as well as respect for human dignity) and see the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a desirable development goal. Our special focus is on the human and social implementation of approaches of the Circular Economy.

We support companies in using the approaches of the circular economy to find better solutions for the users of their products, to work more resource-efficiently and with more success. At the same time, we activate employees and partners who are happy to get involved in the development of systemic solutions.

Viable projects to shape the future sustainably

With projects you can shape the future of your company. We help you with this. We want you to be able to put your strategic ideas into practice. And to be able to react flexibly and quickly to what is happening in your environment. Not to lose sight of your goals despite all distractions.


The people involved are important to us – you, your colleagues and employees, your business partners. You increase your chances of success if everyone is involved and you are serious about “win-win”. With an open mind and appreciation for the contribution of each individual, because acceptance of something new is best achieved when everyone who is supposed to work with it can participate. We would like to shape the environment for active involvement and the structures required for this with you.


How can you use sustainability to create added value? We will answer this question with you. Every company has potential for this, which we would be happy to analyze with you and determine for you. If you would like to get involved in thinking long-term. Because changes in the company take time. They are an investment in the future, which usually only really pays off in the long term. Small successes make the process easier. Because the new approaches require us to rethink and change our behaviour, which is easier for us if we understand the meaning and can recognise the benefits of the new approaches early on.


When we think sustainably, we think in cycles. We want to leave a positive footprint and critically examine which resources we use. We look for products that can be recycled or composted and invest in the use of renewable energies. Create structures in which employees can participate in solutions instead of having to struggle with problems. Linking ecological and social aspects with economic success is an important factor in this. Are you looking for this too? We are enthusiastic about sustainability and project management – and are happy to pass this on to you: as an input provider, consultant, coach, sparring partner and trainer for meaningful projects!