Sustainable framework

In order for people to successfully implement changes in the company, they need suitable framework conditions. Much has been optimized for day-to-day business and for securing current revenues. For the shaping of the future, i.e. for the implementation of projects for further development and change, we often hang back. In order to create sustainable change, we need an established framework within which we can operate. It provides clarity to everyone from the top management to the specialist working to develop the contents.

We look at the extent to which agile procedures, defined portfolio and program management, or a landscape that embraces change, are required and how these can be embedded together with the employees. We provide input for you to decide which structures and systems will help you to create this framework.

Optimization of the project management system

Your company is growing, the number of projects with higher complexity is increasing. You have already created initial structures, a PMO has been set up but is not yet accepted by everyone. This is because every project manager has his own approach, which often leads to success. The understanding of when and why which documents should be created is missing – because the sense behind it is often not clear. For smaller projects they want a minimal version of the project documents so that no unnecessary administrative work is created.

On the other hand, management lacks an overview of the status of the projects. Which projects have been started, which are running as planned, and which have problems, so that you have to get involved? And why do both you and all other project participants have to rethink the methodology for each project? There are approaches how to manage the project portfolio and the alignment of individual projects optimally. However, you have your own specific challenges where a general standard does not help you.

It would help if all project participants in the company agreed on a common basis that applies to all projects above a certain complexity. Based on ideas from internationally proven “best practices”, we work together to develop the appropriate standards for your company, so that your project managers apply them out of conviction. With which the management receives the information with which you can control the projects and then intervene when their decision is required. Because only then will you achieve sustainable success in the design of your project management system.

Introduction of professional PM structures

Project management is not a foreign word for you – you have been carrying out projects for some time. However, your company has grown and you want to give project management a “home”. Do you have to set up a PMO (Project Management Office) for this purpose or do you find structures in which your experienced project managers set common standards and help the younger ones to apply them as well? What requirements does management have for governance, i.e. which competencies exist at which level? What does the reporting look like? What does a “yellow traffic light” in the status report mean? You do not yet know exactly what you need in detail, but you know that general conditions would help. Which offer so much flexibility that they can be used appropriately for different projects.

If you are dealing with these questions, we would be happy to help you find a suitable system for you. One that makes sense for your employees and also answers the most important questions for the management. Ideally designed by you yourself, with our guidance and experience as guidelines. Plan time for this, because this is a valuable investment in your future – it will take a lot of work off everyone involved – meetings, voting rounds and telephone conferences will become fewer, and the satisfaction of employees and customers will increase. All you have to do is start – and you will find contact persons who listen, analyze, recommend, and accompany you during the implementation.

Concrete support for sustainability projects

We explicitly support projects and companies which want to work according to the Economy for the Common Good principles.

Qualified projects receive a 2-hour check on the basic success factors of the project. The best ideas receive additional coaching support.