Software and Circular Economy

Software supports circular economy; at the same time the instruments of circular economy serve as tools for circular software development. This insight matured during a workshop. The discussion arose about the extent to which software itself can be considered circular. Up to now, I had seen digitization, Big Data and other software solutions mainly as enablers for circular economy, less as objects for the use of circular strategies themselves. In this blog I will discuss both how software supports circular economy and which analogies exist between software and circularity.

InnoDays – Online Hackathon for innovative ideas

At the InnoDays, as at other hackathons, it is all about getting from an idea to a prototype in 48 hours. Companies bring their challenges and receive fresh solutions from teams of students and young innovators. Last year I was in Vienna when it was about Circular Economy. This year was the first online event in the USA, Asia and Europe about micromobility and social equity.